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A Thanksgiving Treat – Cupcakes from Auntie Em’s
With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays just around the corner I wanted to introduce you to Chef Terri Wahl of Auntie Em’s Kitchen and her special cupcake recipe.
Terri started catering for music videos, film and television productions fourteen years ago with the idea that a well-fed crew was a happy crew. Her American comfort food recipes are collected from travels all over the country, from the best out-of-the-way cooking shacks of the South, to the seafood markets of the Northwest and everywhere in between. Are you getting hungry yet? Well, let’s venture into Auntie Em’s Kitchen and see what Terri has been cooking up. Read more…
-Michael Murphy, Lamps Plus Style Illuminated


Follow the Yellow Brick Road, aka the Glendale Freeway.
Taking its name from Dorothy’s aunt in the “Wizard of Oz,” Auntie Em’s proves that there is a place like home. The colorful, old-timey cottage café is what you dreamt your house would be like when you were 4 – bursting with arts & crafts ambience, crayon accessible and full of sweet treats. Sure, it’s a popular breakfast spot for young families and hung-over hipsters, but it’s best known for its baked goods. Owner/chef Terri Wahl’s red velvet cupcakes are the stuff of legend, attracting cupcake connoisseurs far and wide. They’re the real deal as are the seasonal pies and made-to-order cakes. Best yet, the cupcakes come in somewhat guilt-free mini-sizes so you can mix it up with a variety pack (coconut, chocolate or carrot cake) to-go. The Farmer’s Market fresh menu is written on a chalkboard outside, meaning the food is fresh and seasonal. The prices are a bit more than average, but this is quality stuff made with TLC. For breakfast, order the open-faced sandwiches or the orange French toast. There are also soulful stews, rain forest-sized salads and the most homey lamb shepherd’s pie this side of Kansas. Last, but not least is an in-house cheese shop ideal for party platters. -For more info on LA Street Food check out their Facebook fanpage and download the iPhone & iPod touch app on iTunes.

The traditional apple pie from this funky gourmet sandwich shop and bakery, made with three varieties of apples for just the right sweetness, is delicious. But in its next life, it wants to be the Dutch apple pie. Topped with lots of crumbly, buttery streusel and drizzled with homemade caramel, it has a flavor reminiscent of a caramel apple. -Leslee Komaiko, Los Angeles Times – The Guide
In the single greatest act of interoffice participation since we stalked Nicole Richie and her dogs, Honeychild and Cleopatra, through the E! building, staffers set off to L.A.’s hippest bakeries in search of the best fatty sugarbombs. -E! Online
On The Savory Side. Baker’s dozen: It takes a multi-armed maestro to bake a batch of fresh biscuits while attending to turkey, taters and trimmings. -Susan LaTempa, Los Angeles Times
Casual quality. You don’t want a fast-food burger, but you don’t have time for a proper dining experience either. What to do? Go “fast casual.” The display of oversized frosted cupcakes in a variety of flavors en route to the register makes it nearly impossible not to indulge. But this funky restaurant also does some nice savories. Consider the moist and surprisingly light beef meatloaf sandwich. Swell soups too, like chilled cucumber and cumin for summer. -Leslee Komaiko, Los Angeles Times
The low-key but hip eastside neighborhood of Eagle Rock may have the greatest per-capita concentration of breakfast joints of anywhere in Los Angeles. But even amongst plentiful competition, Auntie Em’s stands tall. Opened as the bricks-and-mortar outlet of a longtime entertainment industry caterer (and former punk rocker), Em’s wasted little time in attracting a loyal clientele for their breakfast, lunch, desserts and once- monthly “market” dinner events. What Em’s does might be considered “the basics,” but how they do them makes all the difference. -From the Editors, AOL Cityguide
Cupcakes that died and went to heaven!
I don’t usually write about what we get delivered at Variety when we work late on Wednesday nights…it generally ranges from just ok to positively dismal. But this week, things took a major turn for the better when Auntie Em’s catered our Wednesday night buffet. Those mini coconut cupcakes in the picture achieved cupcake godhead — more so than Em’s usual larger size. The proportion of cake to frosting was more ideal, although they caused the same sugar rush. People were hoarding the mini red velvet ones as well. We also enjoyed the skirt steak, stuffed chicken and mac ‘n cheese. What an improvement! -Eating L.A., Pat Saperstein, senior editor, Variety
This colorful spot has been likened to a Clementine’s of the east. There are soulful stews and satisfying sandwiches. But the baked goods are the real stars. The red velvet cupcakes topped with luscious cream cheese frosting win the popularity contest. Cakes and pies can be ordered too, including a chocolate chunk pecan pie made with Valhrona chocolate that is as decadent as it sounds. -Leslee Komaiko, Los Angeles Times
So when we need something super tasty for breakfast, these days it’s often off to Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock… It’s also very satisfying to eat a plate of eggs, cajun sausage and french bread, or the decadent French toast. -Daily Candy, Los Angeles
Never afraid to stretch their imaginations, [Auntie Em's Kitchen] delivers the essentials – beautiful food in a festive setting – but they do it with a twist. Terri Wahl is always whipping up batches of her homemade macaroni and cheese – the gourmet kind, with shells and baby spinach. Theresa Wahl Gourmet Catering now dishes up a signature blend of kitsch and cool. In keeping with her rock roots, Wahl has fed a bevy of MTV darlings including Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Brandy. Rave reviews followed and Wahl’s clients soon expanded beyond the music industry. Alec Baldwin hired her to cook for him on set and Cindy Crawford has feasted on her dishes during photo shoots. -Ginny Chen, Variety
At Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock, where a line snakes out the door, cupcakes are selling like hotcakes. It’s almost at the point now where they’re thinking of limiting how many cupcakes people can buy. -Los Angeles Times
So when we need something super tasty for breakfast, these days it’s often off to Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock… It’s also very satisfying to eat a plate of eggs, cajun sausage and french bread, or the decadent French toast. -Eating L.A., Pat Saperstein, senior editor, Variety
The name speaks of old-timey values, FDR in the White House and order in the universe, which pretty well sums up life at the sweet-as-molasses neighborhood cook shack where soups, sandwiches and salads are the chow of choice – and time passes ever so easily, just like in the old days.
Auntie Em’s Kitchen is a worthy reason to exit the freeway and start wending. You want beef, they’ve got a grilled steak sandwich that has all the flavor of Arnie Morton’s. You want pork, the pulled pork will save you a trip to the Carolinas. For breakfast, there are buttermilk pancakes topped with berries and bananas. There’s a passion here that you can feel. You can bask in its glow. -Three Stars, Merrill Shindler, Pasadena Weekly
Auntie Em’s Kitchen’s cupcakes – red velvet, chocolate, coconut – are so popular that they are often asked to configure cupcake towers instead of the traditional tiered and layered numbers with boiled icing. Shepherd’s pie, lost and forgotten by too much of the food world, is another Auntie Em’s forte.-Los Angeles Magazine, Dining LA
The very best homemade dishes this side of Kansas. This place is one of LA’s best….for super friendly service and a wide menu of choices. Don’t forget to try the walnut fudge brownies, the best ever. Auntie Em’s will have you saying, “There is a place like home!” -Pasadena Weekly
The simple menu while still down-to-earth has been transformed with tasty and unpretentious embellishments thoughtfully considered. Here, it’s like lunch at Grandma’s, but the food is quality comfort foods using the freshest ingredients while putting a modern spin on old-time recipes. Auntie Em’s is like coming home to find a cozy meal on the kitchen table. -L.A. Alternative Press